In sickness and in health

Can I ask you to lift up to God the good men and women at 24-7 Prayer. Yeah, I know, praying for the pray-ers does seem a little ironic, but those on the frontline of the battle need the most support.

These guys are always out there, living radically for God, acting as catalysers and inspirers, seeking to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God”, and to help others do the same. They do that by facilitating, inspiring and challenging churches and (mostly young) Christians to get on their knees in prayer and out there and live for Jesus. [Lisa has recently written a great post about why she loves this crazy movement so much – its worth a read].

Well, these frontline folk take a lot of flack for Jesus, and it is often in 2 major areas. Carla has just written a post about the mystery illness of Mr X. This is of real concern for those of us who know the situation, and I urge you to lift up Mr X and pray for swift diagnosis, protection and rapid healing. But unfortunately his is not the only case.

Of the 24-7 leadership I know of (and I don’t know all of their stories), at least 3 have wives with debilitating chronic illnesses; at least 2 are themselves struggling with long term sickness (other than Mr X); others are fighting depression, or have children who are sick. I have no intention of removing peoples anonymity, but I have to try and rally some support for these guys. I’m not one of those who see demons in every shadow, but I have to say I see no coincidence in this. These people are holding on to God and seeing a huge revival in corporate and personal prayer amongst young people all over the world (today alone, 18 groups praying continually in 6 countries; and today’s a slow day). Sickness seems to hit so many of these guys as they devote more time and energy to this prayer movement, and it stops them being able to give their full energies to the task. Any military commander would be overjoyed at such a result.

And sickness isn’t the only battle; as an organisation and as individuals they struggle with finance. They run an international prayer movement on less money than a mid-sized UK church. And now they are having to cut back, because even that level of support isn’t always forthcoming. And most of these guys are not on good salaries; they give their energies and their time, for little or no pay, getting by on spouses earnings and personal support – so you know the money isn’t all going to a few leaders (not that it would matter if it was; why do Christians so often have a problem with paying people well for what they do!)

Now, we know that Jesus is both Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Rophe; so if people are sick and struggling for finance, its not His will because its not His nature. It has to be because we’re at war and the frontline take the hits. So, do something for me. If you don’t know these guys, check them out (or buy Red Moon Rising and have a read!), and pray for them: for Mr X and for the X’s and Y’s who are struggling with sickness. Then go here, and give to them.

Lord, you are Jehovah Jireh, our provider;
provide for your servants
You are Jehovah Rophe, our healer;
touch Mr X and those others with your healing power
And touch our hearts, that we might know you more,
and live for you as these great examples do
In Jesus name we pray

5 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

  1. When the UK network prayed over the team commissioned at the Belfast get-together in December, I knew that some of us including me were being called to keep praying for them, and their dear ones, regularly. So that’s you too. I have been really blest in keeping to that most days since, because it has given me a whole new energy in praying daily also for the other mission involvements that I’m more immediately connected with. God always has more. So, count me seriously in. bthew came across your blog via toggietales where I often go.

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