You’ve got mail…

Just received a parcel from Amazon, right in time for the 5-day weekend (I’m currently only working 4 days a week, so Bank Holiday Weekends can be extra special!). I’d been praying it would get here in time, and I’m very excited about the contents…

Holy God CoverHoly God by Brian Doerksen has already had a spin in my work PC, and is really fantastic. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been feeling the need for something ‘new’ for at-home worship (how quickly we get bored by our CD collections!), and I’ve been meaning to by a Doerksen album for a while (my now ex-flatmate has the ‘Live in Europe’ and ‘You Shine albums, both of which are very good). What swung it for me was singing the title track ‘Holy God’ at the ‘Signs & Wonders’ conference last week… I’ve always thought the simplest songs were best for heartfelt worship; this one is so good it made be want to buy the CD, even before I knew who had authored it…

Irresistible RevolutionThe second big purchase is Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution. I’ve been waiting to read this book since reading reviews by Michael Spencer and Phil Togwell (and reading an article in Christianity Today). Shane is one of those strange people who actually practice what they preach, being part of a community called The Simple Way in Philadelphia, trying to live a New Monastic life. As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve read any of my previous posts I’m interested in new/fresh expressions of church and Christian life, so I’ve been wanting to read more on this side of things… I’m quite looking forward to getting stuck in to Shane’s book, and I may post thoughts on it as I go…

[I’m feeling guilty, so I think I should publicly admit something: I had been meaning to try and borrow Irresistible Revolution from Phil, rather than buy it. But I got suckered by Amazon and bought it to make up the total for Super Saver Delivery! The Shame!]

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