At our staff prayer meeting this morning, the wonderful Mr Phil Hoyle walked us through a Nooma (I say walked us through… technology issues meant we didn’t actually watch it). It was called Rhythm.

The base of the idea of Rhythm is to question how we express the characteristics of God in our own lives. If God is a song, how ‘in tune’ are we to Him?

I love this idea; it’s a great metaphor, and it can be really challenging to dwell on it. The question that really resounded with me was “Is Jesus more concerned with what we believe, or how we behave?”

If God is Love, Compassion, Faithfulness, Justice, Mercy; then how are we loving, compassionate, faithful, just, merciful in our own lives? How do we harmonise with the notes of that eternal song? Can a stranger see in us a resonance of the divine chord, an echo, an image of the nature of God?

I am hugely challenged by this. I want to be someone who looks like God; who others can see something of God in. I don’t know how loving I appear now, but it is my desire to be more so… to learn to harmonise with God.

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