All quiet on the blogging front…

Ok, I’ve been silent for a while. Sorry.

Work has picked up a bit, so I no longer feel that comfortable with trying to blog during the day, and I don’t really have the facility to do so at home. I’ve had some disquiet at my rapidly slipping readers stats, but that is really a poor reason to blog, isn’t it? I’d hate to reach the point where I feel I’m only doing this to massage my own ego…

Basically, I have a few things to write, but no time to do it in. So the silence of the last few weeks is likely to continue for a while. Until work has a better rhythm, until home is more settled, this blogging project is on hold. Sorry.

[If I start posting again in the next few days, someone tell me off, please. I have far too much real work to be doing…!]

Thanks for your patience. Check back in a week or two; I don’t intend to kill this blog off yet…


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