End of an era…

Sorry for the lack of posts, but the last week has been a little crazy.
On Friday Oasis handed back its offices at Southwark Bridge Road to the owners, after a gradual Exodus of staff over the last few months. Our team was the last to move, holding on as long as possible so that we could get Exam Board completed before chaos ensued. I went out the door the last time on Wednesday afternoon.

Old oasis sign

This afternoon, I’m now finally ensconced in Oasis’ new head office at Kennington Road in Waterloo. This is the Promised Land; already home to church.co.uk the combined church/office location will be the lead Hub in Oasis’ new strategy. Hubs are meant to be holistic approaches to delivery, designed around a range of services rather than a single project. They are meant to be more Inclusive (an Oasis buzzword). If you are really interested, you can read about Hubs here…

So the chaos around our exodus has left me desk-less and computer-less for the last few days, so no posting (little work all told in fact). I now have a longer walk to work to look forward to, and a new working environment.

Its sad to see the old building gone – after three different roles at Oasis over the last 4 years, I knew it like the back of my hand. A lot of memories are being readied for redevelopment… But the future is ahead of us (once the disorganisation fades).


Welcome to the promised land.

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