Creative sadness

Andrew Jones has posted a link to the following posters created by a bunch called TeamPyro, of which the following is an example…



OK, these are very creative, and in some ways quite funny. But they are very critical. I appreciate the creativity here, and I personally value constructive criticism very highly. But these are beyond that really, aren’t they?

Now, I am not part of the ‘emerging church’ (whatever that is), but I know people who are, and I personally believe that the process of re-examining the core values of our faith and how they should apply in the modern western world is a very positive one. Words like ‘relevance’, ‘authenticity’, ‘missional’ and ‘mystery’ may have become clouded buzz-words recently, and lost some of their original meaning, but the drive towards engaging with these areas isn’t a bad thing. Yes, some have gone too far in the pursuit of inclusivity, but the questions in and of themselves are not bad, and neither are those who are asking them.

I recognise that I am a tiny voice in a maelstrom of words here, but both sides of this argument are meant to be Christians. Can we not please treat each other like the family we are?

I’ve always been a fan of Zinzendorf’s words:

“In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
and in all things, love”

I think that, maybe, those who have created these posters (and those replying here) have forgotten the last two somewhat…

But hey, who am I to comment?!

3 thoughts on “Creative sadness

  1. You’re spot on! I count myself as emerging-friendly, and have grown very weary of the bomb-throwing from both sides of this debate. These posters are clever, funny, creative … and mean-spirited in the worst sort of way.


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