I’m off to the Lake District for 10 days, for my cousins wedding and for a lot of relaxing and hill walking.


This is my first proper holiday since the honeymoon, and I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. 😀
See you in a couple of weeks.

One thought on “Holiday

  1. Just wondering about your 24 Jul entry (but posting it here because you might read it this way.. I always miss comments on old posts)… got me wondering what DO you get if you Google “Andy Moore”?

    Googlisms reveal you to be a man of many talents:

    “andy moore is in his second season as an assistant on the eastern michigan university men’s basketball staff”

    “andy moore is primate keeper at bristol zoo gardens”

    “andy moore is working on a solo album due for release next year”

    most interestingly:
    “andy moore is busily dragging his wallet down the m4 and has fired a parting shot at his former club warning that swansea could face”

    and most worryingly:
    “andy moore is surely finished”

    Are any of these actually you, Oh Wise Majesty Mr Sir Moore?

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