My father always used to say that I was brilliant at Maths; I just had a habit of making stupid mistakes.

Now, I know that my calculations here are not really worthy of the word, and I always knew the real number would be larger. But now I’ve been proved desperately wrong

I’m ashamed to admit I don’t really get this explanation, which kinda shows what happens to maths skills after they’ve been put in a box under the stairs for 4 years… [4 years! Is it really 4 years since we graduated!?!?] I’m still completely floored by the sheer number of combinations, and I want to be able to prove it wrong. I can’t. I can’t even understand the proof!

Oh well, at least you all know how badly researched my pieces are! 😉

2 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Ming says:

    This is very intresinq buh have a problem in math. I don’t understand it vrey much and i would like to know are their any good tutors that you know that live in Nyc . I am willinq to find a easy way to understand math more better. I would like for them to be in ages of 14 and 25. Female..

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