This personality test has been doing the rounds… whadyaknow, I’m an INTJ… who’da seen that coming? 😉 

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I’m always a little frustrated by these things. You get asked these questions with artificial parings of concepts/situations/preferences, and then have to chose either/or. Not fair.

For example, too often you have to choose between thinking and feeling. I think I do both (I’d put the balance at more 60:40). I’d have put the judging/perceiving thing as even more evenly balanced as well.

But, for an imperfect construct, this does pretty well. I’ve come out this way before, and I’m more OK with this description of myself than I was in the past. I prefer strengthsfinder, but hey, I’m a strategist! (who’da thunk??)

Part of only 1.5% of the population, yet Grace has named a few in Christian blogdom… I wonder if the proportions are different amongst Christians??

Have a go, and let me know how you do…

One thought on “Personality

  1. I am also an INTJ. The weakness of these tests online is that there isn’t adequate introduction to the concepts which help balance the problems you fairly pointed out. Used properly, it can be very helpful.


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