Real Live Preacher has written a challenging little piece on biblical interpretation and the theological slug-fests that frequently occur between those who should call themselves brothers. Its worth a read.

Perhaps he was talking about this argument, between John Piper and Greg Boyd, over the collapse of that bridge in Minnesota.

I’m not sure what to say about this. I could get drawn in to the argument, or I could stand back in horror like RLP. I wish I could write as eloquently as John Piper, but I can’t bring myself to say that God would cause a bridge to fall on people. I wish I had the confidence of conviction that Greg Boyd has, but I can’t dismiss Pipers reading of Luke 13:1-5 that easily…

I wish we didn’t have these fights. I wish the bible was more easy to interpret. I wish that we had one ‘message’ to pass on to those who are confused and hurt by these disasters when they search for hope and meaning in a time of grief. Sadly we don’t. Instead we respond to such events by dropping into our trenches and throwing spiritual hand-grenades at each other. God, I wish we didn’t.

For what its worth, I don’t believe that God made the bridge collapse. I don’t believe He sends tsunamis or hurricanes to kill or punish. I couldn’t believe in a God like that; he would be far too vindictive and mean to have my trust. I believe in a God who weeps at the death of friends, not vindictively kills people.

I guess beyond that, I like Gordon’s words:

“I have much simpler questions for people now.
You reading the New Testament? Trying your best to understand it?”
“Are you trying to follow Jesus as a disciple, trying to understand what he said and live the way he did, where possible?”
“Yeah, I’m trying.”

2 thoughts on “Theo(i)logica

  1. Marcia says:


    Concerning your thoughts, “I wish we didn’t have these fights”…I would like to say that I don’t think Greg’s response to John’s original blog is to “fight” but simply to give an alternative in thought and theology.

    Since the “message” is left for us to interpret…can’t we as Christians agree to disagree and in the process allow for healthy dialog?

    I personally know people who are comforted and coming to Christ by the theology and Biblical back up for the basis of Greg’s response…as I’m sure there are people that are blessed by John’s message.

    Blessings and keep up the dialog!

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