I can’t be serious today

I pay far, far too much attention to my wordpress stats counter

This last week has been a slow one in the office. Monday, there was only one other member of my team in; today it’s just me. Most of my work depends on the feedback of others, who are all on holiday. So I’ve had a little too much time on my hands…

I’ve managed to produce a couple of slightly more serious posts this last week, and they have caught a little extra traffic. Which is nice. My hope and desire for this blog has been for me to try and be a little erudite on subjects that catch my eye; to produce something that someone else would like to read. I seem to have managed it, at least with these posts. If you’ve found yourself over here because of them, welcome!

I would love it if I could manage this sort of thing every day. I wish I had something interesting or challenging to say on Bush’s comments on Vietnam, or the ongoing McCann saga, or… I dunno, I don’t even know what to suggest I’d write about, because I’m utterly uninspired.

Maybe I’m becoming more mellow in my old age, or maybe I just don’t have that much that’s interesting to say. I just can’t think of anything to rant about today, or anything passionately profess. Today I’m just down and gloomy, just like the weather 😦



I’m off on holiday, which is to say I’m not going to be in the office this week. And considering I only blog from the office, these pages may be a little quiet. I hope, if you’re a visitor, there’s enough in the archives to keep you busy until I get back. If you’re a regular, well, you’ll just have to wait… I’ll do my best to work out where my inspirations’ been hiding while I’m gone 😉
Be well blessed


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