My thanks to the guy downstairs…

wireless The BBC’s News Magazine has an article today about the morals of piggybacking on someone elses wireless connection. I confess, I’ve never really given much thought to the morality or legality of such a situation. My assumption has always been that someone failing to secure their connection wanted to share it…

Andrea and I have benefited from one such individual the last few months. Money has been a bit tight since we moved into our current flat, and we just haven’t had the spare cash to get broadband, even though Andrea frequently needs to work from home. Luckily, one of the 10 or 11 wireless networks we can detect from our living room is unsecured and open to all.

On reflection, this may not have been the most ethical thing to do(!) On discovery of such a fact, I feel I have only one choice…

…to extend my thanks to the guy downstairs (whoever you may be). 😉


One thought on “My thanks to the guy downstairs…

  1. David Webb says:

    The issue with sharing other peoples connection is that they can feasibly (and quite easily) set up a program which sniffs your data flow through their router and grab all manner of private data from you…

    If you’re borrowing someone else’s connection try not to do too much personal stuff… Online Banking, checking emails, surfing for porn. The usual internet stuff people do…

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