Prayers for Burma

I don’t know that much about Buddhism, but at the moment I have a lot of respect for some of its practitioners…

 Burma monks

The news in the last few days has been full of reports of the protests by Buddhist monks in Burma against the repressive military regime there. The protests have been entirely peaceful, disciplined and well organised. As far as I can tell they have been the absolute model of public dissent. After several days of these protests the ruling generals have enacted bans on public gatherings, and brought troops onto the streets of Rangoon, threatening to forcibly break-up any marches today.

And yet this morning 5000 monks marched through the streets of Rangoon, undeterred.

The BBC is reporting that some protesters were beaten this morning, and others dragged into vans and carted away (where to?!). Yet the protest has remained peaceful and disciplined, and seems to invoke the support of the wider populace. The hope is that, along with international pressure from people like the US, the peaceful nature of these protests will preclude a repeat of 1988’s massacre of protestors.

My prayers are with these monks, even though their faith is so different from mine, and with the people of Burma. Pray with me for a continued non-violent protest, and a measured, non-violent response. And, maybe, we can hope for a peaceful change in regime.

Lord, guard and protect the people of Burma today
Hear their cries for justice
In Jesus name

One thought on “Prayers for Burma

  1. They are an inspiring sight. The monks can gather support, but it is the others, the Burmese people who will have to take leadership and demand changes, as the Monks are not allowed to make political demands due to their religious status. But they are a symbol of courage, and thanks to this incredible force of will, the whole world is sitting up and taking notice.

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