The weirdness of my wish list…

I’ve had a link to my Amazon Wish List on the side bar for a while now. The idea of the “be nice to me” category was originally something like the Pay Pal donate buttons you see on other peoples pages. It was going to have things like a link to Andrea’s Stewardship account, but Stewardship are about 2 years behind their original plans to move into online giving…

The intention wasn’t to beg for anything, but just to create avenues should anyone ever want them. And if no-one ever did, well, so what?

The inspiration for this post though, was a conversation I had with Andrea some time back, where she quizzed me as to the somewhat-eclectic nature of said wish list. I guess you’d hope that a look at someone’s wish list would give you an insight into how their head works; well, what on earth does mine say about me?

I’m not sure what the point of a wish list is, (probably something to pass onto your family at Christmas time) but for me it started as an overflow of my Amazon shopping basket. Books (and it is almost invariably books) that I wasn’t quite sure I wanted right that moment would often sit in my basket for weeks if not months. At some point I worked out that I could drop these items into the wish list so as not to be consumed with indecision when it came to making a purchase (“I want Irresistible Revolution, but I still have these two Old Testament overview books here; do I want them as well?”). Here they would quite happily sit, and the list would slowly grow in the same fashion.

The next category of item is the “people who shopped for… also bought”, which seems to be the main way Amazon makes money. There are quite a few items of this nature on the wish list. Things I spot inadvertently while browsing (which probably happens once a month or so). CDs like the REM fall into this category.

However the main content of the wish list, and the reason of its inherent weirdness, is that I started reading blogs. And on blogs people seem to review books a lot. And every time someone talks about a book that in some way intrigues me… it ends up on the wish list!

So I guess that if you look at the books on this wish list, you at least get an idea of the kinds of books read by the authors of the blogs I read. They are mainly related to religion, especially Christianity, and often about explorations and journeys within that, especially the whole ‘emerging’ thing. Looking at the list, I’m not at all sure how many of these I would actually buy. I always want to read more than I actually read, and knowing this I am selective as to which books I part cash for, however much the general subject interests me. I think we can safely say that (almost) all the books on the list I’d like to read if I had infinite capacity and infinite resources… just so I can be more roundly educated on the subjects concerned.

Some of the items on the list are really never going to get bought. No one is going to come along to this blog and decide “hey, I like this guy’s writing, I’ll buy him a MacBook!” (The Nikon D50 is similarly daft). But these larger items are things that I would probably buy myself, if only I could afford it.

So its an eclectic mix, and as often as not a running commentary on my forays into the blog jungle (blungle? jubgle?) searching for wisdom. The one that prompted the conversation with Andrea was the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but that is just along the same lines as the Book of Common Prayer; it is part of a growing desire in me to understand the richness and the diversity of the Church in all its forms. However random the list is, however far from a Christmas present list, I guess it is all part of that searching for truth and wisdom…

Make of it all what you will. 😉

2 thoughts on “The weirdness of my wish list…

  1. I also have an Amazon Wish List and you know what I wish? That someone will buy me some of those books, lol. I’m just like you, I want to read more than I really do but I keep accumulating books on my office shelf. One day I will read them all. Nice entry. 🙂

  2. madisonpark says:

    Hey – if I can give a suggestion, the site is a cool way to do this sort of stuff. You can make wish lists, with stuff from any store or website (not just, you can make one list for stuff you recommend, another for gifts you want, another to track gifts you are considering buying for others. Etc.

    It’s simple and doesn’t cost anything. Worth checing out I would suggest.

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