Facebook Traffik

Right back at the beginning of this blogs short life I wrote a post called Traffik Problems, about the work of the Stop The Traffik (STT) Campaign. STT is a coalition of many charitable organisations from all over the world who have joined together to try and halt the spread of human trafficking. It’s a noble cause, and one that won’t just go away on its own.

The BBC news site is running a series of articles on “slavery in modern England”, which is largely about young women sold into sex slavery. They are worth a read if you want to understand why this is an issue. Believe me, it is. One of the leaders of City Gates has spent the last 15 years visiting prostitutes in Soho, trying to love them and minister Jesus to them. She tells me that a few years ago the background of the girls changed; they are now largely from Eastern Europe, very scared, and there against their wills.

Andrew Jones has promoted a group called The Truth Isn’t Sexy, who are trying to raise awareness of this issue in pubs and clubs, trying to get under the skin of the usual clientele…

Why am I telling you all this? Well, this is a real issue. It is a global issue. It is an issue that demands a compassionate response from all people of faith, in the same way that the 1st campaign to defeat slavery did, 200 years ago. Stop The Traffik are trying to get a petition of one million signatures to present to the United Nations in February, to drive the politicians to do something about this worldwide trade in people. What can you do?


Click on the button, go to their site and read the stories. Go to The Truth Isn’t Sexy’s site, or the Poppy Project’s site and read the stories there. Sign the STT petition.

I’m not a fan of facebook, and I’m not a member. But if you are, then you can help by joining Stop The Traffik’s petition group. And by getting all your friends to too…

Go sign up.

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