Gutless Gordon

So after tons and tons of speculation, media hype, and plenty of comment from ministers, it looked by Friday morning that we were certain to have an election in the next month…

and then Gordon saw the polls.

The press are having a field-day, which they quite deserve. It hasn’t been the political writers driving the speculation of the last couple of weeks, it had been the Labour party. I cannot believe quite how spineless our current Prime Minister seems to be. This is going to do huge damage to his political reputation, proving that he doesn’t have the instinct of his predecessor. And, in my eyes, it shows him as unfit to govern…

…if only the other guy was up to scratch…

One thought on “Gutless Gordon

  1. richwilcock says:

    Completely agree with you there. He has been remarkably selfish in the last few weeks. Also commenting today that the Polls didnt contribute to his decision making shows he did inherit some skills from Blair

    bare faced lying.

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