Ninja Baby

OK, this is a bit of an experiment…
The computer I use at work has a really out-or-date flash player (and the network administrator doesn’t think its worth his time to update it), so sites like YouTube just don’t work for me. But Stop The Traffik have just sent me a link to the following, and I thought it would be good opportunity; both to try embedding a video on the blog (something I’ve never done before) and to try and get you all to support this campaign…

Its always risky, posting up something you haven’t actually seen yourself, but I really support these guys, and I think you should too.

Stop The Traffik is a global coalition of over 900 organisations in 50 countries working to stop people trafficking – the buying & selling of people around the world today.

What is people trafficking? It is the fastest growing global crime, second only in size to arms and the same as drugs – where people are taken by deception or violence from their homes for slavery. There are more slaves today than there were in the 400 years of the transatlantic slave trade – over 12 million. Many of these, at least 2.4 million are trafficked in a global black market worth £24 billion a year.

Go here, and sign their declaration now

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