The End…?

Today is the last day of my third job with Oasis.

I’ve been working in my current role for 14 months now, in the incredibly-badly-defined course development post, but the funding was running out, and it was time to look for something new. That something new will be an Editor post at Mission Education for the Methodist church.

Oasis LogoIt’s been fun and frustrating working with ‘the messy circle’ (from the Oasis logo – there’s actually a Facebook group called that, I believe), with its peculiar brand of visionary activism. In my three roles over 4 years I found Oasis to be full of really great people, most of whom are a pleasure to know and to work with. It is also continually seeking to do new things, brimming full of ideas and idealists – probably its greatest strength and its greatest weakness.

The organisation has always seemed to have a bit of a revolving door, and I’ve known many people come and go over the last few years (including myself twice before now!). Will I be back? Maybe; despite many frustrations with the way decisions are made, with the lack of strategic thinking etc, I know of few Christian organisations in the UK that are as good seeing a need and jumping at it… I’ll undoubtedly keep track of the organisation and who knows; maybe a future project will tempt me back…

This may also be my last blog entry in a while. I have neither computer nor internet at home, and my new role may be less forgiving in terms of extracurricular activity while at work… could this be the end of ‘Intelligence and Ignorance’?

I hope not, but only time will tell. Thanks for journeying wit me so far.
Onward ho!

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