Just thought I’d let you all know that I am alive, and that the transition to the new role has gone relatively smoothly. Lots to learn, a very different organisational culture to recognise and master, but I’m here and slowly getting settled.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post in this role – this is a quiet time of year for Mission Education, so the fact that I have found space to compose something now is probably not indicative of a general ability to do so – we will have to see how things shape up in the New Year… My guess is that the opportunities will be scarcer than they were at Oasis.

I’ve been very tempted to post a diatribe about my profound dislike for this time of year, but I’ve relented. Just because I take umbrage at the way our society celebrates its Winter Solstice festival Christmas doesn’t mean I have to inflict that on everyone else. Instead I shall say that I hope that you find the warmth of friends and family around you over the next couple of weeks; that you will have space to relax and reflect; and maybe, just maybe, have time to think what the word incarnation might mean…

I’m heading to Birmingham at the end of the week, so it is highly unlikely that much blogging will get done until the New Year. I wish you well in the meantime.

God bless

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