Negotiating Minefields

Michael Spencer (the Internet Monk) has recently been tackling, with great sensitivity, the biggest minefield in contemporary, western Christianity: the issue of homosexuality.

There are three essays: the first is a commentary on the need for sensitive, loving communication; the second and third are responses to a specific commenter, on (loosely) whether orientation is God-given, and biblical interpretation (within this discussion).

I really, really don’t want to step into this minefield, but I do think it is worth giving credit to someone who is doing so in a careful, considered and above-all loving way… Worth a read if you are interested in this topic. Well done Michael!

UPDATE: There is plenty of interesting play in the comments, especially of the first post. Commenter Peter has the most erudite and thought-provoking response from the ‘gay’ perspective… Kevin Montgomery asks some interesting questions as well.

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