UK Resident older than Bilbo Baggins, with Bigger party to boot!

Henry Allingham 112 today!Not content with living longer than Bilbo’s famous eleventy-one years in the Shire*, UK resident and WW1 (yes, that’s I one) veteran Henry Allingham is celebrating his 112th birthday with a bigger party as well!

Allingham is being honoured by the RAF with an almighty bash at RAF Cranwell, including a fly-past by the Battle of Britain memorial flight, and display jump from the Royal Air Force Falcons Parachute Display Team. That beats a dragon firework and a disappearing trick, doesn’t it?

Mr Allingham is the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and also fought at the Somme and Ypres where he was bombed and shelled.

He joined the Royal Air Force when it was formed from the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) and the Army’s Flying Corps in 1918.

His many medals and honours include the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the Legion D’Honneur – the highest military accolade awarded by France.

He has joked that the secret to his longevity is ‘cigarettes, whisky and wild women’.”

Dragon Firework

Happy birthday sir, here’s to your 113th year!

Dragon Firework

*yes, I know he lived to older than 111

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