So, some random things since the last update:

–       Photography. Yes, I eventually put a film in the ‘Super. Three so far, actually. The first back was B&W, and a bit of a disaster. Yes, the focusing issues are as bad as expected. Almost as bad to be unusable, or so it seemed. Today however, the Kodachrome slides came back, and they look beautiful. Tomorrow lunchtime I’m off in search of somewhere to scan them in, so we can see what they really look like…

–       Writing. Hasn’t really happened in Chichester. But my good friend Jacky did persuade me to join NaNoWriMo. Thus far it has been a random, inconsistent brain dump, and nothing much has happened since the weekend. But there is the (slim) chance that I may continue, and the (very, very remote) chance that something usable/readable will come out of it.

–       Driving. Yes, after 11 years, I have got back behind the wheel, and have started driving lessons again. My instructor says that I “know how to drive, just need practice on the details”, which might be encouraging, or may just be flattery. Either way, I reckon I’ve had more varied experience in the last two lessons than I had in 6 months of driving all those years ago. Plus the guys a geezer, which helps!

–       Work. The website is up, and I’m now into the amorphous second part of the job. Which I’m unsure of. Am currently thinking about the possibility of setting myself up as a freelance copy/web writer/editor. Anyone out there in need of those services who would be willing to encourage me in that regard?

–       Chi. Is a mixed bag. I’m loving being out of London, and it’s a nice town, but I know no-one here. I have a social life that consists of being in my room every night, and escaping on the weekends. Not sustainable in the long run.

–       Weddings. I have invites to The weddings of 2009 and 2010. I am overjoyed! (especially as the 2010 one will involve a road trip through the States)

–       Shooting. I have discovered Quake Live. And everything else is suffering…

Oh, and I’m disappointed in the lack of engagement with my last post. I commented too! Common guys! Get with the programme…

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