The CrunchPad - As imagined by Michael ArringtonFriends and long-term readers probably know that I am a bit of a geek. They may even dispute the “bit”. Probably half of my daily internet reading is techblogs; keeping up to date with the great, the good and the downright wacky in innovation and digital life. It’s very rarely out of a desire to buy things – I have a storage unit in London full of crap already – but more wanting to see all the new shiny-shiny that people are going to be lusting over this week, and understanding the coming trends as they develop.

One project I have been following with some interest is Michael Arrington‘s attempt to create his own Tablet Computer for web browsing. Arrington is a tech blogger himself who, after many disappointments from the big companies, tried to build the perfect web-browsing device himself. It has been rumoured and talked about for nearly 2 years now, mostly positively (although, I’m sure some of the other bloggers out there were wishing him to fail).

I was genuinely interested – interested because it was a small start-up trying to do something interesting. Interested because it was the film critic making their first film (so to speak). And interested because I thought this might be the perfect device for my sister, who is bed-bound and currently accesses the internet through her mobile phone. I was hoping to buy her one for her birthday.

Well, anyway, not now. The CrunchPad, as it was called, has died. And an ignominious death it was. A sordid tale of greed and grossly inappropriate corporate behaviour. You can read Arrington’s take on the tale here

As one blogger put it today: Goodbye CrunchPad, we hardly knew you.

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