The Wedding of the Year

An impossible to focus camera. A grainy , ISO 800 film. A dark, romantically-lit house. Sneak-shots rapidly taken (between moments of clearing plates and washing up).

All these combine to give you some of the worst photographs I’ve ever taken. But they are indicative (if poor) images of precious memories. Yes, it was Marta and Danny’s wedding…


2 thoughts on “The Wedding of the Year

  1. Liz says:


    oh my word. these pictures are truly a gift (especially for those of us who couldn’t be there). thank you for sharing them. Alasdair told me the wedding was beautiful and it certainly looks that way. I hope all is well for you. I miss making meatloaf with you (and receiving pieces of chocolate). I hope, one day soon, to return to England to visit all my dear friends.

    much love.


  2. Mary Frances says:

    Finally! These are lovely lovely! And you are right – Marta indeed looks like a princess! And Danny looks like a million bucks himself. thank you for this brief view of the joyful celebration and dear familiar faces!!! I will try to return the favor with some snaps of the “legal” ceremony here in the good ‘ol US of A in a few weeks. Santa brought me a 50mm lens for christmas, so I’m ready for the romantic lighting!

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