Facebook is scary, and other things we’ve learnt this month

I spend far too long reading tech blogs. Too much dross. And you know, as you’re reading about the latest buzz around this, or the controversy around that, sometimes you learn some things you’d rather not…

Like, just how much of my information Facebook has access to. And how they use it. This interview is just plain scary. For those who haven’t left Facebook yet, it might just push you over the edge…

But, while you’re pondering that, I just wanted to throw a thought into the mix. If Facebook knows all this about you, what does Google know? Google who handle my emails, my web searches, my video watching, my work blog and analytics… and probably a lot more. Just how much of our lives are we handing over to multinational corporations. Is Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg right when he says that our whole concept of privacy is evolving? And if so, are we happy about it?

Other, slightly less scary, things we’ve learnt this month.

Just in case I’ve depressed you completely, I’ll leave you with a couple of videos that cheered me up. The first shows the wonderful levels of innovation that still exist in music. As long as people come up with things like this, long may they continue.

The second just made me smile. Fast forward to 1:50 and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Facebook is scary, and other things we’ve learnt this month

    • maybe he doesn’t. this wasn’t exactly the most serious of posts. but he is one of the most widely visible “christian leaders” in america. I couldn’t find official viewing figures, but it seems to be in the high millions, plus comments like this get carried on broadcast media in the states and beyond.
      if you’re a non-christian, who doesn’t go to church, you don’t hear balanced views from your local pulpit. you hear crap like this. which I think goes some way to show why so many people dismiss christianity so completely and easily.

  1. Julia says:

    maybe..but i’d think that if i was one of those un-churched, non-christians, i’d just learn that what dear old PR says never really matters because he’s usually wrong. i think the thing that bugs me most is that other ministers of the Gospel feel as though they must say defend Christianity after his comments; as if what they say is going to draw more people to church instead. if they were already acting & preaching the way it says biblically, you’d think unbelievers would see/hear that & end up completely dismissing Pat before he even speaks.

    • well, I guess neither of us are best placed to say what they think or don’t think… 😉
      I just think the guys an idiot… like i said, i wasn’t trying to make a serious point here

  2. Not wishing to comment on Pat Robertson, but going to do so anyway. I happened to think Don Millers response was one of the best thigns I’ve read in a while. It wasn’t necessarily a defence of Christianity, but more a useful thought on how Christians should respond to PR. I’m a couple of weeks late on this stuff, but whatever.

    Anyway, loved the Amish article. And who knew the Chinese spent that much on pron? Maybe the actual spend is much less per capita since their population is so much bigger, but still!

    Oh and I haven’t decided to leave Facebook yet, and clearly doing so wouldn’t remove information I’ve already put up there, but I will be much more careful about ‘where my eyes’ are.

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