Strange days

I have not been sleeping well. Not for a while. The world is becoming a strange place, from which I am slightly removed.

I have my second driving test tomorrow. Only 10½ years after the last one.

I am contemplating impending homelessness and likely joblessness, once again.

If I ran a personals ad, it would run something like this: “Fractured romantic with fragile grip on reality seeks lifelong partner with whom to journey through Time and Space

I seem to be addicted to buying DVD’s. At least 25 titles in the last 4 months.

I have discovered Spotify, and am very grateful for its invention.

I am going away for a long weekend, with a reading list that includes Spike Milligan and “How to set up a workers co-operative

I’m hoping to buy a car, which will ruin all my environmental credibility.

I am contemplating living and working on a farm for a while.

I wish the friends I Skype and Chat with were in the room with me (don’t we all).

I will have my day in court (on March 10th)

2 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. pessimist with a personal pronoun preoccupation seeks product placement sponsor 😛

    or, relentless hoper who holds the real lightly seeks knowledge and beknownness in Time and Place to give and receive life’s long grace

    or, swm ns wtr wltwwoof..

    best of luck for driving, braver than i. x

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