I’m rationalising my life (again).

For the last year and a half most of my belongings have lived in boxes in a friend’s storage unit. Which is all fine and dandy (I am very grateful to said friend), but seeing as none of it has been used in the last 20 months, a little bit pointless. I mean, how much stuff does a guy need?

A trip to the lockup last week resulted in me throwing away half my stored clothes (ie, half the clothes that haven’t been worn for the last 20 months) and making a long list of things I no longer want/need.

All of which are going begging.

If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have already seen the list. 19 CDs, 4 DVDs, 47 books and a range of other miscellany (including a spacehopper and a cordless phone) are available for anyone who wants them. Free (bar postage, which I’d like you to pay). The books and CDs are mostly Christian, mainly because the vast majority of stuff was Christian. But hopefully there are some gems there to interest anyone.

If you are my friend on Facebook you can take a look at the list there. If you are not, and would like to see it, then drop me a note in the comments and I’ll email you a copy. In two weeks all this goes to a charity shop (who will probably not know what to do with it).


Incidentally, I thought I’d make a couple of comemnts on the whole debacle.

1) This isn’t all my Christian stuff. I have actually kept some books and CDs from my old life. But I have always had this ability to accumulate more than I can consume, especially when it comes to books. Over the last 10 years or so I built up a collection of books that have been at best half-read, and at worst gathered dust due to the abandonment of any attempt to ever read them. This is not to say that they are not worthwhile books, just a comment on my own hoarding nature and the fact that the Western Christian culture is built around the promotion and consumption of media.

2) I have probably not thrown away anywhere near enough. I threw out only half the clothes I had in storage. ie, only half of the clothes that have not been worn in 20 months! Similarly with books (Christian and non-), keepsakes and other paraphernalia: I found it too hard to dispose of many things, simply because of an emotional attachment – even though said things have lain unused for far longer than the 20 months they have been in storage.

C’est la vie

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