Born helpless, nude and unable to provide for himself, Andy Moore eventually overcame these handicaps to become tired, lonely and disenfranchised with the world (a great improvement)*. A wannabe rhetoricist, prone to diatribe, this grumpy young man still searches for hope, humour and beauty, often finding it in the strangest places.

Andy is a fan of contradictions; historically both English and Anglican, he is a proud supporter of the Welsh Rugby team and has embraced the busy multiculturalism of his London home. He is a man of faith, but resists defining that further, even when pushed.

He loves green spaces and is fascinated by trees.

Andy began this blog with high hopes of wit, wisdom and engaging comment, but this has mostly fallen in the face of the passivity of his arch-procrastination. There is always the possibility that either creativity, inspiration or some other motivational force will conspire to produce something readable here, so you are welcome to check back…

Andy would like to think Intelligence and Ignorance began because he has something to offer the world, but a quick perusal of the posts here will show that’s mostly untrue… In reality the content here is a mix of a cathartic unloading of some of his thoughts, and an embarrassingly prideful desire to be noticed. Not too unusual for the internet then…

If there isn’t anything on the front page you like, please peruse the archives. Andy last had a sustained bout of inspiration back in October 2007, so perhaps that is a good place to start.

Thanks for reading


* with apologies to Lore Sjöberg

One thought on “about

  1. caz says:

    Hi Andy
    We met briefly at Rachel Collinson’s bday a while back. Found your blog through her twitter. Have enjoyed reading 🙂 Just wondered if you’re going to l’Abri film festival?

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