Dave Walker, victim

Dave Walker - mand bullied blogger and cartoonist

Dave Walker - maligned and bullied blogger and cartoonist

This man here (who we like)

Has been sent a cease and desist notice

For writing about this mess (referred to) here 

(and here)

It’s crap.

You have my thoughts and support, Dave

God bless you

[support him here]

In Praise of… Dave Walker

Dave Walker is the official cartoonist and blogger for the Church Times. He drew the cartoon I have in the column on the left. He is also Cartoonist and Liturgical Dancer in Residence at the Lambeth Conference.

Dave’s writing and cartoons bring information and delight in equal measure to myself and my colleague Liz, keeping us up to date with all things Anglican in a very Anglican way.

He is a very funny man. This post, part of his updates on the progress of the Lambeth Conference, is pitch perfect English humour. I don’t think it would be possible to make this any funnier, without somehow involving the Monty Python team…

[Dave’s amusing cartoon-related commentary is here, and his more official posts here.]