This just made me smile. I know we shouldn’t revel in the unravelling of someone’s world, but damnit – wouldn’t you just love to be able to say that about yourself? [from here]


Disaster strikes as massive quantities of oil reach their intended destination. - The Onion

Millions of Barrels of Oil Safely Reach Port in Major Environmental Catastrophe

The best, most biting satire I have read in years. A wonderfully concise indictment of our current energy infrastructure and a fantastic environmental call to arms. The Onion does it again…

Hungarian Poetry

[This is another non-serious post, I’m afraid. I’m writing a lot of serious stuff offline at the moment, and I can’t bring myself to be serious on the blog without feeling like a broken record]

My friend Ruben writes poetry. He blogs some of his work. By all accounts, he’s quite good. The only problem is he writes in Hungarian…

Now, I don’t speak Hungarian. Not even a word. I have a few friends that do, but I have no talent for languages what so ever (I’m still learning English). Translating Ruben’s poems is just not going to happen.

So, I have a new hobby – something that keeps me wryly amused on dull days. I translate Ruben’s poetry via Google. The results can be hilarious…

Today’s offering:

takarítok mintha én mindig is
takarítok takarítok
mintha egy foltot bujtatok


cleaners as I have always been
cleaners cleaners
like a patch of loop


“drótok a levegőben
néma szegek
huszonnégy órák

Which becomes the rather wonderful:

wires in the air
without pins
twenty-four hours

My best guess is that telefonfák is a mobile phone provider…

Have a go yourselves. Ruben’s blog is here, and the translation tool is here. If any Hungarian friends would like to provide true translations, I’d be interested to read the results…

Facebook is scary, and other things we’ve learnt this month

I spend far too long reading tech blogs. Too much dross. And you know, as you’re reading about the latest buzz around this, or the controversy around that, sometimes you learn some things you’d rather not…

Like, just how much of my information Facebook has access to. And how they use it. This interview is just plain scary. For those who haven’t left Facebook yet, it might just push you over the edge…

But, while you’re pondering that, I just wanted to throw a thought into the mix. If Facebook knows all this about you, what does Google know? Google who handle my emails, my web searches, my video watching, my work blog and analytics… and probably a lot more. Just how much of our lives are we handing over to multinational corporations. Is Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg right when he says that our whole concept of privacy is evolving? And if so, are we happy about it?

Other, slightly less scary, things we’ve learnt this month.

Just in case I’ve depressed you completely, I’ll leave you with a couple of videos that cheered me up. The first shows the wonderful levels of innovation that still exist in music. As long as people come up with things like this, long may they continue.

The second just made me smile. Fast forward to 1:50 and enjoy.


In Praise of… Dave Walker

Dave Walker is the official cartoonist and blogger for the Church Times. He drew the cartoon I have in the column on the left. He is also Cartoonist and Liturgical Dancer in Residence at the Lambeth Conference.

Dave’s writing and cartoons bring information and delight in equal measure to myself and my colleague Liz, keeping us up to date with all things Anglican in a very Anglican way.

He is a very funny man. This post, part of his updates on the progress of the Lambeth Conference, is pitch perfect English humour. I don’t think it would be possible to make this any funnier, without somehow involving the Monty Python team…

[Dave’s amusing cartoon-related commentary is here, and his more official posts here.]