Something in the Air?

So, no great innovations – nothing judged ‘newsworthy’ came from San Francisco last night. But we did get this:




Unfortunately, its only available on pre-order, so I can’t ask my friends currently on holiday in New York to bring me one home. 😦

Which is a shame, because the base model will be £1,199.00 over here, while its in the US at $1,799.00 – a good £280.00 cheaper in the states!


Today is probably the biggest day of the year if you’re a fan of Apple’s products. It’s the start of Macworld, their annual product conference, and this afternoon Steve Jobs will stand up and give his ‘keynote’ speech. This is classically the time when major new product announcements are made (like last year, when he announced a little-heard-of product called an iPhone).

This year the rumour mill is being wildly stoked at the prospect of some form of ultra-portable laptop, with Apple fulling the fire with teaser ads like this:

something in the air

The name on everyone’s lips today is MacBookAir… I wonder what this afternoon will bring?