I peruse a few gadget blogs, as part of my sanity-saving feed-reading while at work. One of the stories that has been exciting and infuriating said bloggers for weeks now has been the whole Psystar debacle.

(For those who don’t know/aren’t interested, Psystar has been the first company to sell ‘Hackintoshes’ commercially: PC hardware pre-installed with Apple’s OS X as the operating system)

I don’t want to talk majorly on this, as its really not that interesting, but a line from Wired’s blog post today caught my attention:

This isn’t to knock PCs – there will always be incompatibilities with such a huge array of hardware and software available. Apple makes the whole shebang, inside and out. That’s why it just works. And Psystar’s little science project is the best argument yet against Apple licensing its OS to third parties.

Which just makes me wonder: could this whole thing be a marketing ploy by Apple?

All the Psystar issue has done is generate tons and tons of copy reinforcing why Apple’s own hardware/software combination is so good… Its amazing publicity for them; so could they have thought this up themselves?


Science, it seems, can quantify anything:

…on the subject of art and beauty, I must mention Asimov’s suggestion… of a unit for quantifying the measurement of beauty: “the millihelen.”
If the beauty of Helen of Troy was sufficient to launch a thousand ships, then one millihelen would be beauty sufficient to launch a single ship.

[From here, via Wired.]

Taking things to their logical conclusion, one supposes a microhelen would be the beauty sufficient to launch a single sailor… perhaps in a rubber dingy…